The Mayor



As the Mayor of the City of Macon, I want to extend the warmest welcome to the City of Macon's website.  This website is our opportunity to communicate to everyone the feeling of excitement and pride in our community that the citizens of Macon share.

After working as the Chairman of the Macon High School Science Department and Science instructor for 36 years, I retired.  I ran for Mayor because I believed that I could continue my service to the City of Macon and provide the leadership necessary to bring new economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for everyone in the community.

I have had the opportunity to serve Macon as its Mayor since 2002.  It has been gratifying to work with an outstanding City Council and an exceptional administrative staff.  I am proud of the significant accomplishments and the improvements in service to the community made by City of Macon Departments.

Macon has utilized funds provided by a voter approved capital improvement tax to make significant progress in improving the quality of its parks and reducing damage caused by storm water.  Many homes have been refurbished, made safer and more energy efficient as part of a Community Development Block Grant program.  A significant number of dangerous buildings have been demolished, making neighborhoods safer.

Through the efforts of citizens in Macon, Marion, Monroe and Shelby counties, all 52 miles of Highway 36 has been made into a four-lane highway.  Those that live and travel that portion of the highway will be much safer and there are also greater opportunities for Macon to have economic growth.

I could write pages of great things about the City of Macon, but I would rather visit with you in person.  If you have never visited our community, I urge you to come to Macon and experience the spirit of optimism about the future that exists within this great city.