City Administrator

Welcome Interim City Administrator, Steve Norwood

Please welcome Interim City Administrator, Steve Norwood!

The City of Macon is please to announce the hiring of Steve Norwood as the Interim City Administrator for the City.   Norwood has more than  35 years of local government management experience and is well versed in all phases of city governance.  He has served as City Manager in several cities in Texas and Arizona.  Those cities ranged in population from 8,000 to over 100,000 and each city was very different in the level of services provided and level of expectations from the citizenry.   Norwood’s strength has been building successful teams that come together with a common vision that serves the best interests of the community.  He has a strong background in economic development, finance and planning.  “These are the areas that serve as a cornerstone to what makes communities successful.  Development must be done thoughtfully and with community input, and if the city’s finances are not in order the challenges will increase.”, said Norwood.  He also indicated that he is a strong advocate of being collaborative and including employees in discussions that ultimately leads to better decisions.

Norwood’s father was also a City Manager in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  So, naturally, Steve gravitated to this field as a career.  I always enjoy working with citizens and employees on finding solutions to problems, and obviously some are more challenging than others, but at the end of the day hopefully we can work toward what’s best for the community.  “I look forward to working with the City of Macon and assisting Council and staff as they work to recruit a permanent City Administrator, and other key issues and challenges.  My task will be to help navigate through the process and offer assistance and guidance where needed to Council and staff.” Norwood said.

The bulk of Norwood’s career has been in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but has always gravitated and preferred the smaller cities.  One of his strengths is that he has been at every level in city government which gives him a real global view of how departments work, as well as city management and working effectively with Councils, Staff and Boards and Commissions.

Steve is married with three grown children and has a Bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington.  His first day in Macon will be November 13th.