Doing Business

Macon County has an aggressive business environment with two large industries located in Macon that employ more than 1200 people. Macon was one of the first Missouri towns to receive a designated Enterprise Zone that offers special incentives to business and industry locating in Macon.

Macon sits at the crossroads of two of Missouri's four-lane thoroughfare roads of the future, Highway 63 and 36/I-72. Highway 63 is an important north-south artery linking southeast and northeast Missouri.  Highway 36 is an east-west connection from Chicago to Kansas City. A bypass reflects Macon's progressive attitude and enables both commercial and tourist traffic to move quickly and safely through the area. Macon is an hour's drive from Interstate 70 and is easily accessible to most major markets throughout the United States.

To illustrate the accessibility Macon offers to northern Missouri, many government agencies, both state and federal, have regional offices here. Additionally, Gully Truck lines serves the Midwest from its Terminal in Macon.

Macon's airport is functional and efficient with a 4,250 foot, lighted concrete runway.  Local manufactures utilize the airport to transport company executives. In addition, St. Louis' Lambert Field and KCI airport are international airports, just minutes away by air and within two hours by road.

To transport heavy goods, the Burlington-Northern and Santa Fe Railroads maintain service to Macon, and Macon is within 60 miles of a duty-free terminal at the Missouri River for transporting by barge.

But access is more than physical. Spectra Communications Group services the Macon area with modern, efficient telecommunications network. In addition, two carriers make digital and cellular communications convenient and cost competitive.