Macon City Council and Board of Public Works Met to Resolve Differences

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The Macon City Council and the Board of Public Works for Macon Municipal Utilities (MMU) met an evening earlier this week to discuss the recent discord between the two bodies.  Both groups described the discussions as frank and productive. 

The City Council made clear that there was no support on the Council for going forward with the ordinance which would have dissolved the utility board. 

The Council and the Board agreed to conduct a joint training later this month with Strategic Government Resources (SGR) so that each could better understand their respective roles and to work on ways to communicate more effectively.

Following the meeting, Board of Works President Brian Terry stated “The Macon Board of Public Works has one goal; that is to serve the ratepayers of the community.  We have talented employees who work to ensure the residents of our city have reliable, affordable utility service. We look forward to a renewed partnership where we can focus on the future for Macon.”

Mayor Tony Petre stated “We are pleased with the progress that has been made in resolving the misunderstandings.  We look forward to continuing good will between these two bodies and moving forward on the important projects to improve the city as a whole.  These agreements will benefit the City’s tax payers and assure that all city employees are treated fairly.”

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