Bulk Waste Services

Per contract with the City, Contractor (Waste Management) shall collect one (1) Bulk Waste item per week from the Residential Premises that generated such Bulky Waste, on the same day as scheduled for Residential Solid Waste collection service, at Curbside. In addition, Residential Premises may bring Bulk Waste directly to the Landfill for disposal at no charge by providing the most recent utility bill displaying Residential Premises services fees as well as a current Driver's License. White Goods will also be collected for a fee. Appliances without Freon will cost $20.00 and appliances with Freon will cost $25.00. It is the responsibility of the Customers located at the Residential Premises to insure that prior to disposal, White Goods are empty of all food and liquids, and that any CFCs and PCBs have been evacuated and captured by a certified technician in accordance with all applicable law, and that doors have been removed from freezers and refrigerators. The Contractor is not required to collect White Goods that do not meet these standards. Contractor shall not be deemed to be in default of this Agreement in any manner in the event Contractor fails or refuses to collect any such Bulky Waste or White Goods from any Residential Premises because the Bulky Waste and/or White Goods were not timely placed for collection at Curbside in compliance with this Agreement. White Goods placed at the curb or brought to the landfill will not need to pay the associated disposal fees. Residential or Commercial Premises requesting the collection of White Goods need to contact City Hall to schedule collection.