Animal Control

The Animal Control Division is responsible for animal-related public safety. It enforces all State laws and City Ordinance concerning animals, dogs running at large, nuisance complaints, sick or injured animals, cruelty complaints, wild animal removal, and rabies-related complaints. Please understand that the Macon Animal Control facility is not a shelter or rescue group. We do not take in animals that you need to give up or can no longer care for.

The City of Macon requires that all dogs be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Compliance with this law is monitored through the annual issuance of pet tags for all dogs residing in the City. Tags are issued at City Hall by the City Collector for a fee of $2.50, proof of rabies vaccine is required prior to issuance. City tags and rabies tags should be attached to pet collars.

After your pet is lost

Call Animal Control at 660-385-2195 and give a description of your pet, including breed, color, sex, and collar description.

If we pick up your pet and we can identify to whom it belongs, we will make every effort to return them to you.  Impoundment fees are $3.00 per day.

Pet Adoption

Interested in adopting a pet from the Macon animal impoundment facility? Macon provides pet adoptions of unwanted pets housed at the facility. Please call our Animal Control Officer at 660-385-2195.

The adoption fee is $10.00 plus the cost of the rabies vaccine

Animal Bites

Anyone who is chased, attacked, bitten, or threatened by a domestic animal should report those incidents especially if the animal is running at large.

Feeding of Stray Cats

Feeding stray cats within the city limits is discouraged. Feeding of wild/feral or stray cats can encourage cat colonies to form. These cat colonies can form very quickly when the cats being fed are not spayed/neutered and disease in these unvaccinated animals can quickly become a severe problem.

Animal Control Officer

Animal Control Officer